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2 min readOct 21, 2022


Introducing Meeiro Ambassador Program

Hi, Meeiros!

As you may have already noticed, our CREW3 Ambassador Program has been open last weeks. What Meeiro’s CREW3 will be used for, however, is still a mystery. This article is here to uncover just that, giving you all you need to know about our this exciting program!

Since opening our Discord a few weeks ago, we have seen enormous success and growth within the community, already giving away more than 1000 OG roles. Meeiro’s community growth is just getting started, and we need your support in managing and making sure this growth continues.

This is why we’re launching the Meeiro Program on our CREW3 space. Those who register to be part of CREW3 will be able to track their progress and get rewarded for their contribution to Meeiro’s community! In due time, we will reveal more about how your roles will shape Meeiro’s perks, prizes, and bonuses.

Let’s explain further what exactly these new roles are and how their progress is measured…

Key Roles
Along with the OG role, there are three new roles in the Meeiro CREW3 Program:

Meeiro Champ — This is the highest role, reserved for our core community contributors and relentless advocates.
Early Meeiro — This is the second highest ranking role out of the three, given to those who are passionate supporters of Meeiro’s mission and community growth.
Rising Meeiro — This role marks those who are experienced Meeiro community members already making their way up the CREW3 ladder, committed to completing missions and supporting the project.
The higher the role, the higher allocation you will get at MEE token IDO coming up on Meeiro platform.

Gain Experience to Earn Roles

To earn one of our new three roles, you will need to accumulate a certain amount of experience points (XP). The table above shows how many experience points are required for each role:

It will be a long task to climb to the top and become a Meeiro Champ, but one sure thing is that it will be worth it! You already have a bunch of tasks available and more will be added every few days, with some of them for a limited period of time! Be sure to not miss any and start climbing the ladder now if you haven’t already start!

What’s Next?
Meeiro’s goal with the CREW3 Program is to ensure our community stays engaged, informed, and pumped about all that is to come! Users can expect many more exciting events in the near future. The first step being the reveal of the utility of these new roles. To find out when this information is released, be sure to sign up for Meeiro’s community!



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